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May 2013

  • Mini e-bulletin conference edition

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march 2013

  • Bursary scheme update
  • Obituary
  • Update on the new BAHT Clinical Evidence Committee

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october 2012

  • What a conference! - Feedback from the BAHT 2012 conference including links to presentations and posters
  • Update on BAHT recognition by the CSP
  • Join the discussion through interactive forums - BAHT and iCSP forum

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September 2012

  • Don't be a Spectator - Come and join the Team: Appeal for members for new Clinical Evidence Committee - Mags Hayden
  • Gloucestershire Hand Therapists meet to discuss Xiapex - Jo Taylor

JUNE 2012

  • Thinking about writing a Free Paper or Poster for Conference?
  • How to write a free paper or poster

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March 2012

  • East Anglia Study Day - Leanne Miller
  • North West Hand Therapy Group - Janine Higson

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  • Feedback from BAHT Annual Conference 2011 - Sue Gosling
  • BSSH Instructional Bursaries - Fancy a Spot? - Margaret Hayden

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  • The European Hand Therapy Certificate - Nick Gape
  • International Bursaries - Margaret Hayden

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JUNE  2011

  • Voluntary Project Report - Makeni, Sierra Leone 2011 - Sarah Booth
  • CSP - Important News Update re BAHT Recognition - Kate Beresford

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MARCH 2011

  • Sarah Mee: Hand Therapist of the Year Award Winner 2010
  • Introducing the New BAHT President: Mike Hayton

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  • Report from BSSH/BAHT Conference 2010 – Alison Roe
  • Who was Natalie Barr? – Victoria Frampton

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  • Report back from IFSHT Tri-annual Congress, Orlando, 2010 – Zoe Clift
  • Education Sub-Committee: Accredited Hand Therapist Award - Nikki Burr

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JUNE 2010

  • Hand Therapy Development Project 2010 : Mnazi Moja Hospital, Zanzibar –Rachel Bates
  • European Federation of Societies for Hand Therapy (EFSHT) – Roma Bhopal

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MARCH 2010

  • Clinical Interest and Occupational Group of Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CIOG) – Kate Beresford
  • International Federation of Societies of Hand Therapists (IFSHT)– Kate Beresford

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