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NEW COURSE: 13th Southampton Hand Course - 'Hand Emergencies'

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Have your say in the future of physiotherpy - Physiotherapy Priority Setting Partnership: Final Workshop

More exciting BAHT Level I & II Validated Courses added - view details

iSARAH, RA Hand Exercise Training, free online course for Physios and OTs

View details of the next Midlands Regional Group meeting in Nottinham




Postoperative Hand Therapy Practice Patterns Following Trapeziectomy - Please·take part in this student survey - deadline·22/12/2017

Starting out in Research - 2 short courses on Getting Started



The Centre for Evidence Based Hand Surgery (Nottingham) have recently launched the HandSRev database. This is a listing of systematic reviews relevant to hand surgery (and hand therapy). An excellent resource and great place to start when looking for the latest evidence...

Useful document with staffing recommendations in hand therapy: Hand surgery in the UK: Manpower, resources, standards and training (BSSH 2007)

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May 2013

  • Mini e-bulletin conference edition

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march 2013

  • Bursary scheme update
  • Obituary
  • Update on the new BAHT Clinical Evidence Committee

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october 2012

  • What a conference! - Feedback from the BAHT 2012 conference including links to presentations and posters
  • Update on BAHT recognition by the CSP
  • Join the discussion through interactive forums - BAHT and iCSP forum

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September 2012

  • Don't be a Spectator - Come and join the Team: Appeal for members for new Clinical Evidence Committee - Mags Hayden
  • Gloucestershire Hand Therapists meet to discuss Xiapex - Jo Taylor

JUNE 2012

  • Thinking about writing a Free Paper or Poster for Conference?
  • How to write a free paper or poster

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March 2012

  • East Anglia Study Day - Leanne Miller
  • North West Hand Therapy Group - Janine Higson

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  • Feedback from BAHT Annual Conference 2011 - Sue Gosling
  • BSSH Instructional Bursaries - Fancy a Spot? - Margaret Hayden

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  • The European Hand Therapy Certificate - Nick Gape
  • International Bursaries - Margaret Hayden

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JUNE  2011

  • Voluntary Project Report - Makeni, Sierra Leone 2011 - Sarah Booth
  • CSP - Important News Update re BAHT Recognition - Kate Beresford

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MARCH 2011

  • Sarah Mee: Hand Therapist of the Year Award Winner 2010
  • Introducing the New BAHT President: Mike Hayton

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  • Report from BSSH/BAHT Conference 2010 – Alison Roe
  • Who was Natalie Barr? – Victoria Frampton

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  • Report back from IFSHT Tri-annual Congress, Orlando, 2010 – Zoe Clift
  • Education Sub-Committee: Accredited Hand Therapist Award - Nikki Burr

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JUNE 2010

  • Hand Therapy Development Project 2010 : Mnazi Moja Hospital, Zanzibar –Rachel Bates
  • European Federation of Societies for Hand Therapy (EFSHT) – Roma Bhopal

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MARCH 2010

  • Clinical Interest and Occupational Group of Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CIOG) – Kate Beresford
  • International Federation of Societies of Hand Therapists (IFSHT)– Kate Beresford

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